Green Events

A List Events International is committed to caring for our environment. We use environmentally friendly practices within our own business administration as well as being committed to adhering to Green Event Strategies.

Our strategies include:

  • Ensuring that internal communications are recorded in an electronic form
  • Ensuring that all event correspondance to clients is sent in an electronic form
  • The preferred method of registration is online to prevent wastage of paper
  • Using as many recyclable products in our offices as possible
  • Liasing with venues that practice environmental movements
  • Hotels and meeting venues tend to be at close proximity, limiting the travelling of all delegates
  • Implementation of electronic invitations
  • Implementation of E-papers
  • Conference materials are recycable, for example, name badges are returned, abstracts are downloaded electroincially via the internet rather than printed
  • Ensuring that suppliers that are eco-friendly are preferred
  • Having the capacity offer carbon offset programs for clients events